The Rahmi M. Koç Museum is a private industrial museum in Istanbul, Turkey dedicated to history of transport, industry and communications. Rahmi M. Koç, member of the wealthiest dynasty in Turkey and retired boss of the Koç Group, founded the museum in 1991, which was opened on December 13, 1994. The museum is located in the suburb of Hasköy on the north shore of the Golden Horn and situated in two historical buildings connected to each other. It is open to public every day except Monday. The museum’s general manager is Ertuğrul Duru.


‘Fisherman and Guest’ exhibit at the museum.


  • “Leonardo, the universal genius” was the title of the ever first temporary exhibition featuring a collection of 40 full-sized artworks, all created from the original drawings made by Leonardo da Vinci. The reproductions of machines are envisaged in the famous “Codex Leicester“, a collection of largely scientific manuscripts of Leonardo written between 1478 and 1513. The exhibits were grouped in five broad categories: Mechanisms and the four ancient elements of nature, Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The “Mechanisms” section included inventions pertaining to everyday life such as gears and lifting systems. A printing press and robot design were displayed in the “Earth” section. In the “Air” section, parachutes and flying machines like the ornithopter bicycle were on display. The “Fire” section showed machines of war, cannons and machine guns, and water-related inventions such as the Archimedes’ screw made up the “Water” section. All displays were in functioning condition, and the majority could be operated by the visitors themselves, making the interactive exhibition cultural, educational, and also fun. The show was held from November 1 to December 31, 2006. A few items were also on show at the Çengelhan Rahmi M. Koç Museum in Ankara.

Horse carriage collection of the museum.


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Torpedo tubes of USS Cobbler (SS-344) on display at the museum.


Cobbler was initially  launched on 1 April 1945 by the U.S. Navy. She served in the U.S. Navy until transferred to the Turkish Navy in 1973. She completed her active duty with her new name, TCG Çanakkale (S341) until being decommissioned in 1998.